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What is AMIS?

The Association for Music in International Schools “AMIS” is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in all levels of music education. AMIS sponsors a variety of music festivals annually which are especially designed to benefit students in international schools.  You may click here to view more information about AMIS.

AMIS Asian Middle School Honor Orchestra Festival

          Gonzalo Simo and Serena McMahon                                         Host Organizers                                                                                                                                                                    16-20 January 2019

Audition Materials and Information: 

VIOLIN EXCERPT                                           VIOLIN SCALES

VIOLA EXCERPT                                             VIOLA SCALES

CELLO EXCERPT                                              CELLO SCALES

BASS EXCERPT                                                  BASS SCALES

Audition Guidelines 2018-2019

    AMIS AUDITION SCHED 2017-2018: 

AMIS Letter 2017-2018

Dates to remember: 

            One Shot Audition: Sept 3-6
             Multiple Shots Audition: Sept. 27-29 & Oct. 1-3
            Self Recording Deadline: October 8 (Monday)                        (submit 2 of your best  recordings for each scale and excerpt)